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Über mich: Hanne Rohrauer
Hanne Rohrauer

My work as a coach and consultant is defined by my long experiences in the coaching and consulting world, my deep interest in human beings, my abundance of ideas and the joy I experience in opening perspectives. My mission is to encourage people in finding their strength and to walk their path with clarity and focus.

Solution-focus, creativity and pragmatism characterize my work. Attention is paid to the individual context and possibilities.  I gain inspiration and strength by traveling and spending time in nature.

What I stand for:

respectful communication and cooperation

positive psychologie: positive, strength based attitude


solution focus: focus on developing talents and utilizing possibilities

professionalism and quality: taking into account new and relevant significant research in trainings and workshops

variety of methods

continous self-development and training

exchange with experts: peer coaching at Austrian Solution Circle

knowledge transfer with variety and creativity: creation of effective learing

project-related coaching, consulting and training in the field of social competence, communication, resilience and diversity management


consulting small and medium-sized companies for team and organizational development and workplace health promotion

lectorer for self-development, social competence and coaching tools

self-employed organizational consultant, trainer and coach


systemic organizational consulting (Fritz Simon)

process-orientated coaching  based on Arnold Mindell (Esalen Institute)

hypnosystemic coaching (Gunter Schmidt, Jeffrey Zeig)

solution-focused coaching (Insoo Kim Berg, Solution Management Center)

integral coaching (United Future Creations)

studies of English and American linguistics and literature/psychology, philosophy, pedagogy at the university of Vienna, University College Dublin and University of California in San Diego

Further training

group dynamics (ÖGGO)

systemic constellation work (Matthias Varga von Kibed, Siegfried Essen)

work ability coaching, health-based leadership, workplace health facilitation

Zuerich Resource Model

mindful-based stress reduction (MBSR)

Effectuation (Michael Faschingsbauer)

provocative therapy (Frank Farrelli)

creative EFT (Schlossberg Institut)

the Work (Byron Katie)


German, English


Elke Schrittesser  Esim

Thomas Broessler Exantis


Rohrauer, H. (2020). Always look at the bright side of life. Einsatz von Lösungsfokus in Resilienztrainings. In: Czerny, E. & Godat, D. et al (Hrsg.) (2020). Faszination Lösungsfokus

—  Versus: Zürich

Rohrauer H. (2018). Die Digitalisierung und der menschliche Faktor.

—  Digital Business Leader 2018/01

Rohrauer, H. (2016). Erwarten der guten Taten. Teamintervention. In: Czerny, E. & Godat, D. (Hrsg.) (2016). 50 inspirierende Ideen für Führungskräfte.

—  Versus: Zürich

Rohrauer, H. (2012). Arbeitsbewältigungscoaching®    ein Instrument der Gesundheitsförderung mit persönlichem und betrieblichem Mehrwert: Umsetzung im Rahmen des Projektes inBALANCE.

—  AÖ 2012/01


Please contact me if you are interested in

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      trainings  and workshops


      inspiration and other issues


Mag.a Hanne Rohrauer

E-Mail: hr(at)hannerohrauer.com

Telephone: +43 699 19467506

Skype: hanne.rohrauer

Coaching Room:

Praxis Inner Peace

Stumpergasse 48/23

1060 Vienna

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